23 July 2008

Pound poems

As promised, here are the Pound poems that we are going to cover:

I'm working off the New Directions Paperbook edition of Selected Poems of Ezra Pound, but you should feel free to work from any edition. Be wary of some of the on-line versions of the poems which are not always reliable.


Richard Rossi said...

I had to try three bookstores (not including NDNU) in the area before finally locating one lone copy at the Barnes & Noble in Redwood City. I was frankly surprised by how little of Pound's work these major bookstores carried, considering they all carry works of more obscure and less important poets. I was equally surprised at how little of his work I found in anthologies. The Norton Anthology of Literature treats Pound in an article about imagists and reproduces only "In a Station of the Metro." The Norton Poetry Anthology and the Oxford Anthology carry just a smattering of poems and one or two Cantos. I'm wondering if Pound's political views--he was a fascist and was tried for treason after the Second World War -- might be the reason he is given such short shrift.

Anonymous said...

Was hoping that we may talk a little bit about imagism, vorticism and ideogrammtic method in our discussion of Pound tonight?

Also having some trouble finding a couple of the cantos (9 and 38?)

Snehal said...

Are there lingering questions about Imagism and Vorticism that we didn't get a chance to get to in class?