22 July 2008

Sisters in love

What I found to be interesting was the dynamics between the two sisters. They were modern women who found themselves in unfamiliar roles in a changing and redeveloping society. They were fighting against old conventions such as marriage with support from each other only. Their father was not a source of any inspiration or help. He was an example of the old world before modernization was a reality. The disfunctional relationship with their father translated into their personal relationships with their men. In one case it was clear that Gerald was not in love with Gudrun. Gudrun, instead of moving on and finding someone new; stayed with him and drove him to suicide. On the other hand Ursula marries a man that is in love with another man. Both relationships completely devoid of any real emotion or love.

The situation was very different when it came to their sisterhood. They spoke to each other in clear, concise and meaningful language. They understood each other. The communication they shared between each other didn't have any double meaning or traces of hostility. They may have thought or felt some frustration with each other every now and then. But they respected each other enough to keep it to themselves. They would think before they spoke to each other. They didn't do this in any other instance with any other character in the book. They afforded each other kindness and consideration. They were there for each other through all the trials. They could depend on each other. Their relationship was the only example that came close to real love.

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