31 July 2008

Tender Buttons

I'd like to thank J.C  for that extremely informative and helpful presentation on Tender Buttons, without which I probably would have been lost.  I would like to further ponder her use of words in Objects and whether there are certain words which are masculine, vs others which are feminine.  Notice how she pairs words, such as, Galzed Glitter, Dirt and not Copper, Nothing Elegant.  I highly believe the paring of words have something to do with male-female couplings, etc. Almost like she gives the words gender roles.  Any thoughts on that? 

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Snehal said...

Can you provide other examples where you see the pairs of terms that Stein uses producing gendered dyads? There are, of course, good reasons for believing that coupled terms are gendered: Jacques Derrida, for one, argued that there were hierarchies in all binary pairs and that these hierarchies were inflected by and inflected in the hierarchies of gender. His word for it is "phallogocentrism."